Implant Dentistry

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The American Academy of Implant Dentistry reports that approximately 3 million people in America have had a dental implant procedure. Dental implants can restore your smile and confidence if you’ve lost a tooth. Davide Romeo, DDS, MS, PhD, provides expert implant dentistry care at Milano Dental Studio in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. If you want to learn more about your dental implant options, call the practice or reach out online today.

Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry

Implant Dentistry Q & A

If you’ve lost a tooth, implant dentistry is a technical and artistic form of dentistry that allows you to reclaim your smile. A dental implant is a structure used to support an artificial tooth like a crown, bridge, or denture. Dr. Romeo uses screw-like devices to put the implant into your jawbone, providing an anchor for your artificial tooth. An abutment then connects the implant to your new tooth.

Missing a tooth can affect more than just your appearance. There are several advantages to rehabilitating your smile with a dental implant, including:

  • Improving cosmetic appearance and confidence
  • Restoring chewing abilities
  • Improving speech
  • Preserving gum and bone health
  • Improving oral hygiene
  • Keeping surrounding teeth secure
  • Lasting for many years
  • Eliminating embarrassing removal of dentures

Before proceeding with an implant dentistry procedure, your provider discusses your medical history with you to be certain you are a good candidate. They also let you know of any minor risks associated with the procedure.

Dr. Romeo first works with you to determine a comprehensive treatment plan, including selecting the type of dental implant and artificial tooth that’s right for you. He takes an impression of your smile and then creates a model of your missing tooth. Dr. Romeo may encourage you to select a crown or removable denture.

Whichever artificial tooth option you receive, it will match your smile and feel like a natural tooth.

Dr. Romeo performs the procedure at the Milano Dental Studio office and administers a local anesthetic to make you comfortable. Most patients don’t experience any pain during the procedure. Dr. Romeo then places a small titanium implant into the socket of your lost tooth.

Dr. Romeo attaches an abutment to the implant to be sure it can support your new tooth. The crown or denture is then attached to the abutment. The jawbone will eventually grow around the dental implant, making the new tooth secure.

After the procedure, Dr. Romeo encourages caring for a dental implant by maintaining overall oral hygiene — daily brushing, flossing, and staying up to date on your dental cleanings.  If you’re interested in discussing implant dentistry options with Milano Dental Studio, reach out online or call the practice today.

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