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Whitening can be a great option to enhance the natural beauty of your smile. But before undergoing any teeth whitening, it is crucial to have a healthy mouth free from cavities and gum disease. We recommend scheduling a check up and cleaning with your dentist to address any potential dental issues before you proceed with cosmetic enhancements.




The whitening process occurs through the interaction of peroxide with chromophores (colored molecules) within the tooth structure. The procedure is most effective in treating certain types of discoloration called extrinsic stains, which are caused by food, beverages or tobacco. Intrinsic teeth staining caused by medications like tetracycline, trauma to the teeth, discoloration from metal fillings or previous previous dental work on the inside of the tooth cannot be successfully addressed by whitening. If this is your case, we can discuss other options for you. Another important thing to consider is that whitening is only effective on natural teeth; fillings, veneers or crowns will not lighten.

At Milano Dental Studio we offer an in-office whitening system using a light activated peroxide gel. We carefully protect your lips and gums to avoid burning, then we apply whitening gel in cycles until the desired shade is achieved. After the procedure we apply a prescription strength desensitizer to your teeth. If you feel more comfortable whitening your teeth at your own pace at home, we can fabricate custom trays to fit your teeth. We have different concentrations of whitening gel available and will select the one that is best for you.

Long term results depend highly on your diet and lifestyle. Smoking, drinking coffee or tea through the day, or consuming red wine on a regular basis can reduce the effectiveness of your whitening treatment. It is recommended to adhere to a white diet for 48 hrs after treatment—that is no dark-colored foods or drinks, and no smoking or vaping.

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